Press Quotes

"A shrink with stage presence." – New York Times

"Levy could run her own TV talk show." – The Village Voice

"…it's only a matter of time before some network exec realizes that Psychotherapy Live! with it's camera-friendly therapist and seven-minute segment lengths would be a smash." – New York Press

"The witty redhead offers jokes and jabs and…Healing words for the brave soul…"
– Time Out New York

"Advice is delivered in the spirit of good, clean fun. A unique talent, Levy displays a wonderful sense of humor, flawless comedic timing and insight."

"The red-headed, self-taught headshrinker makes good use of an inborn knack for gently coaxing strangers into revealing their true characters." – CitySearch

"Riotously funny…with a zeal bordering on maniacal…" – The London Times

"Therapists should be afraid for their jobs…the Jewish Oprah." – The Scotsman

"Groucho would have been proud." – Village Voice Choices

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